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  • Voltage Electric Solar Install in Action

    The Voltage Electric Crew installing educational solar array at Great Lakes Energy in Boyne City. Check out our time lapse video!

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  • Renewable Energy

    Voltage Electric Solar Services

    Are you thinking about having a renewable energy (RE) system installed at your home or business? Perhaps you’re wondering how to approach the project, and how best to get started. Whether you’re new to renewables and need a helping hand or an RE enthusiast who wants some straightforward advice, Voltage Electric is here to provide […]

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  • Lowering the Cost of Solar PV

    Solar Panels

    Soft Costs with Hard Challenges Why does Germany, a country with the same amount of sun on a yearly basis as Alaska, have residential solar costs half that of the U.S.? Why have solar panel prices dropped significantly while whole-system cost has remained relatively high? The answer is in the soft costs of solar PV—all […]

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